VR Club live - ongoing main project:  https://vrclub.live/


24/7 VR music festival, hang out with friends and other music lovers from around the world in audio-reactive spaces. Tropical island during sunset with event decorations and two music scenes, one just above sea and second in caves under erupting volcano. Dive into world of wonders and enjoy your stay.

 Amazing! Absolutely incredible experience!  
- Locee
 It is exciting how future devices will expand our reality and allow us to create beautiful places where the laws of physics can be broken and magical things we see will change the standards of stage performances.  
Online Playlists

Thanks to the voting system on our site, everyone has now an easy way to share their sets or to vote and propose new great artists.

Virtual Interactive World

Music, voice chat, VJ spot effects and many other interactive items are synchronized with everyone at the club.

Friendly People

We established “BYBB” Be Yourself But Behave rule that we want pass to all users: Be Yourself - there are server instances created to find the level of interaction for which you are currently in the mood.

Level up your interface

W believe that XR can bring people together and already allows us to interact with others on a level that is indistinguishable from the real world.

 ...tried hand tracking and wow I absolutely love this app... one of the most if not the most impressive displays of hand tracking, the new island plus water look amazing, honestly I recorded footage Im hoping to do some videos to better showcase these apps as people are seriously missing out on one of the coolest social apps for the quest 
- Lipnox VR
Target hardware

VR and AR devices: Meta Quest, PS VR2
More coming soon

Cooperation in complex systems

Advanced rendering that takes many years to develop optimized visuals.

Art and beauty

A pure vision of artists that enables the creation of immersive and mesmerizing spaces.